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HAMTA: Choosing Eggs and Surrogates Matched with Donor Traits

At HAMTA, we proudly collaborate with remarkable and compassionate women, engaging in the profound acts of egg and surrogate donation.

At HAMTA we are passionate about creating empathy among women and playing a role in a process that gives parents the most amazing gift, the gift of family.

Through the unwavering dedication of surrogate mothers and egg donors, we have witnessed numerous transformative moments and contributed to the creation of countless lives.

انتخاب اهدا کننده تخمک یا رحم جایگزین بر اساس ویژگی ها

What Makes Us Different?

Our screened database allows future parents to choose the best to start their family planning

wating time in hamta
Waiting Time

In HAMTA by accessing a database, you will only have a waiting time of one month.

with hamta platform
Legal Platform

In HAMTA, you will be accompanied by a group that, in addition to advanced treatment methods, also observe ethical practices and legal procedures.

The possibility of international service
International Service

In HAMTA we welcome diversity, so wherever you are you will feel cared for, supported and empathized as a member of our family.

Hamta collaboration with a team with a high success rate
High Success Rate

We work with the best doctors and infertility clinics in Iran, which have a high success rates for IVF in the world.

Psychological Screening

Egg donation is an emotional experience for both the donor and the recipient. A thorough psychological screening of all individuals involved is included in the HAMTA. A mental health test of the donor is critical to ensuring the health of the children and ensures that the donor has made an informed decision before beginning the donation process.

Psychological screening

Social Screening

At HAMTA, before adding egg donors to the donor list, we get to know each applicant through an interview and ask them for a list of personal activities, hobbies and future plans.

Social screening

Genetic Screening

At this stage, our donors are evaluated under the supervision of a geneticist to determine the genetic history of the donor's family.

Genetic screening in the donation process

Medical Screening

Donors are medically evaluated before entering the matching and selection system. This initial evaluation gives confidence to future parents to start choosing with full transparency and to be sure that all candidates are medically qualified.

Medical screening in the donation process
Psychological screening Social screening Genetic screening Medical screening
The age of the egg donor
Occupation of the donor
Frozen egg donor
Education of the donor
Student donor
Surrogate uterus
Height of the donor
avatar donor
The character of the donor
Image of the donor
Field of Study
History of donation
kind donor
Mathematics field
Nurse egg donor
egg donor avatar
surrogacy donor avatar
eye color
Donor emoticon

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